Monday, December 17, 2012

Teacher Gift

This year I was not particularly creative. However, our teachers are always running low on paper and they frequently request donations, so  they each got a ream of paper and a box of candy. Quick and easy AND useful!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Work of Art...

A few weeks ago we had our Evening in Excellence and we centered it around the theme of Creating a Masterpiece. WE had beautiful talks from our YW President and the Bishop. We shared how a painting has many layers of paint on it, and when you step back you get the full affect. We compared that to the girls and how every effort they make, every time they read their scriptures, or pray and learn adds a little bit more "paint" to their overall masterpiece. We encouraged them to continue in their Personal Progress; each goal helping them shape their own personal "masterpiece".

Here's a few photos of the awesome dessert table, that beautifully matched our theme.

We served colored chocolate covered pretzels (to look like paintbrushes) and cupcakes to represent different colors of paint on the palate.

BY WAY OF INFO: I would absolutely love to take credit for this whole night- it was that beautiful- but I can only truly "own" the pretzel sticks that look like paintbrushes. That was my contribution for the night. I am so blessed to work with some super crafty ladies!