Friday, April 5, 2013

General Conference Activity

We are trying to encourage our YW to watch General Conference. We delivered an envelope with General Conference Question Cards to each girl. The idea is that as she watches each session of Conference she will write down one question about any topic (and the answer). I  made 1 card for each session. We will collect all the cards and use the questions to play a fun, Jeopardy-like game later in the month.

(Each card was formatted to be printed on blank, 4X6 index cards, and I printed the instruction card on the envelope itself.)

With each envelope we also handed out some Mini M&M's. 
I used blank address labels so they'd be sticky and printed this on them:

Here's the finished product together:

Something that made me giggle...
I love that the sticker went perfectly on the front under the word "Mini", but that the red M&M guy is pointing to it, like it's really important. It was totally unplanned, it just worked out that way! :)