Sunday, May 19, 2013

Personal Revelation and Inspiration

In April 2012, Elder Richard G. Scott gave a talk in General Conference entitled How To Obtain Revelation and Inspiration for Your Personal Life. It is wonderful!  (Elder Richard G. Scott's talk)

He outlined the steps to receiving inspiration. As a reminder to my MiaMaids, I have put these instructions on a card (I used self laminating sheets to make it more durable, and I included a small notebook, to help them in the process. 
1.) They have been challenged to think of a problem or question they may need inspiration about and then write it down in their book. 
2.) Pray for guidance. Then Brainstorm possible stories and scriptures that may be of help or that may apply to this situation. (This is where a topical guide comes in really handy!) Write down each topic and then as time allows go through and read each section, paying attention to any feelings you receive while reading.
3.) Ponder. Think about what you have read and consider possibilities.
4.) Pray for confirmation of feelings. 
5.) Ponder again and ask in prayer if there is more that you should know. Search scriptures more as necessary.
6.) ACT on feelings you have received and any promptings you may have.

We are going to follow up next week and see how it went. 

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