Monday, October 21, 2013

Christmas Ornament Exchange (invites...)

DIY glitter light bulb ornament

DIY light bulb ornament and ornament exchange
This year my friend and I are hosting a Christmas Ornament Exchange. I sent out an initial e-invitation, to gauge how many people would be interested in participating- and was overwhelmed by the response! To keep things affordable, each guest has been asked to bring 10 homemade ornaments, which they will exchange for 10 new ones brought from the other guests. I am really looking forward to it and had to share the "official"  invitation. (not the cheesy e-vite one)

I made the glitter ornaments, using the instructions you can find, well basically everywhere you look on Pinterest or you-Tube.
1.Take a little bit of floor wax, like Pledge Floor Multi-surface or Mop and Glo, swirl a small bit around in the glass ornament, draining out the excess.
2. Then use a funnel to add some extra fine glitter. It miraculously sticks to the inside of the glass!
3. Shake out excess glitter. 
4. Allow them to dry upside down for a little while.

I then embellished with some ribbon, some vinyl and of course the invite itself. I'm getting excited! 
(The picture above is just a few of the invites, I added it to show all the range of colors in glitter I used.)

PS I found the light bulb-shaped ornaments at Hobby Lobby...

Click HERE for some more info and tips on how to host your own ornament exchange party!


  1. How did you put the name on?

  2. I have a vinyl cutter (similar to a Cricuit) so I cut and applied the vinyl, however I have seen people buy stickers too.

  3. What an amazing idea for a decoration exchange- must remember to do this next year! Thanks for linking up #christmaslittlemakes

  4. These look absolutely beautiful. And the idea of a homemade exchange is fab. Thanks #christmaslittlemakes

  5. These are SO pretty! Well done you, they look fantastic x #ChristmasLittleMakes

  6. Replies
    1. They are not actual functioning light bulbs, although they do look like it! You can purchase light bulb shaped ornaments, which is what I did. The tops come off easily, and then you apply the glitter treatment inside. Once dried you reattach the tops.

  7. Where do I find the big empty bulbs?

    1. You can usually find them at your local craft store, like Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I've even seen them on Amazon.


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