Saturday, April 22, 2017

Perfect Pairs Wedding Gift

Perfect Pairs Wedding Gift

wedding gift

 This last weekend I was able to attend a bridal shower for my nephew's bride-to-be. I put together a gift of Perfect Pairs (for a Perfect Pair!) It was a lot of fun, and easy to do. 
First, I went to the store and bought a lot "perfect pairs", or things that go together. Things like pie and ice cream or peanut butter and jelly, for an example. Then I used cute, scalloped-edge cards that I already had, printed tags off for each duo and put them all together in a basket. She loved it!

perfect pairs

Perfect Pairs for a Perfect Pair... a wedding gift idea.

candle and flame

cocoa and mugs

game and dice

fork and spoon

knife and cutting board

mashed potatoes and gravy

muffin mix and liners

peanut butter and jelly

pie and ice cream

pizza and cutter

corn cob holders

salt and pepper

PS I do not use affiliate links. (Although if I did, this would be the post to do it, with all the brands visible!) These just happen to be the affordable items found in my area and I wanted to share this fun gift idea with you. Happy gifting!


  1. This has to be the most sweetest gift ever!! I love it!! So fun!!

    Thank you for sharing your sweet gift idea with us for Waste Note Wednesday! Pinned!

  2. That is an adorable gift idea! Pinned.

  3. What cute wedding ideas I love this idea

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  6. thank you for sharing this blog. I got some wonderful idea for my friend's wedding. I want to give her something creative and unique. love you Ideas.keep sharing


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