Friday, December 16, 2011

Black and White

Last night we had YW in Excellence. It was one of the most reverent, beautiful meetings I have ever been to. We chose the theme BLACK and WHITE to honor the girls choices that they make every day. And we honor the choice that they have made to be virtuous women and to participate in Personal Progress. We pulled our talks from President Eyring's April 2008 Conference talk, "Walk in the Light." We also used James E. Faust's talk "Choices" from April 2004. 

Choices can be obvious and good choices will bring freedom and safety. If you stay with the spirit and pray then all choices can be as obvious as black and white.
Here's the beautiful decorations...

We even had black and white desserts! We had oreo bark, chocolate dipped pretzels, white cake mix cookies with mini choc. chips, devils food cake mix cookies rolled in powdered sugar, oreo pops and cake pops.

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