Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Personal Progress

Our theme in Young Women's this month is INDIVIDUAL WORTH, so we came up with several activities committed to that theme. Last week we had a class activity where we started out reading Individual Worth Personal Progress goal #3, which is:

Read Doctrine and Covenants 18:10 and 121:45. Do all you can to build others and make them feel of worth. Every day for two weeks notice the worthwhile qualities and attributes of others. Acknowledge them verbally or in writing. In your journal write what you have learned about the worth of individuals and how your own confidence grows when you build others.

We read the scriptures together and then discussed what kind of qualities we should be looking for in others, and why it is important to recognize not only our own value, but the value of those around you.

We then gave them the assignment to look for the good qualities in others and acknowledge it. We made some Valentines for them to give away to those they had recognized. Here's a few of the examples... (sorry they are a little blurry...)

 (this one says "go ahead and BURST my balloon")
inside are some jolly ranchers and little rolled up personal notes
 Swedish fish
 Pencil and sucker valentines

(We got most of the Valentine ideas from scouring the internet and Pinterest)

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