Saturday, January 19, 2013

Food Storage Notebook.

Many years ago I served as the Food Storage Specialist for our Ward. I was shocked when I received the calling. I kept wondering why anybody would listen to me about food storage because I was no expert. I did what any slightly overwhelmed, overly organized person would do. I started studying! 
As I printed off article after article I realized what great reference materials there are out there and our Food Storage notebook was born. I was touched by the words of our leaders and included a talk from each of them each month too. (I figured why listen to me- when you can hear it straight from our apostles!) 
It is not perfect, I condensed a lot and there are probably more accurate calculators around- but even so, it became a great resource for our members. We passed out a new packet every month for their notebook- and by the end of the year their book was complete. 
Since then I have had many requests for my notebook- so here it is!  

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