Saturday, January 19, 2013

Food Storage Notebook.

Many years ago I served as the Food Storage Specialist for our Ward. I was shocked when I received the calling. I kept wondering why anybody would listen to me about food storage because I was no expert. I did what any slightly overwhelmed, overly organized person would do. I started studying! 
As I printed off article after article I realized what great reference materials there are out there and our Food Storage notebook was born. I was touched by the words of our leaders and included a talk from each of them each month too. (I figured why listen to me- when you can hear it straight from our apostles!) 
It is not perfect, I condensed a lot and there are probably more accurate calculators around- but even so, it became a great resource for our members. We passed out a new packet every month for their notebook- and by the end of the year their book was complete. 
Since then I have had many requests for my notebook- so here it is!  

YW Values Ribbon Bracelet

For New Beginnings this year we wanted to give the incoming Beehives a little gift. Here's what I came up with- the traditional ribbon bracelet- but instead of using colored ribbon and pearl beads I used colored beads and white ribbon. I hope they like it!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Last night for FHE we had a lesson on the power of words. 
We reviewed this saying...
Before you speak... THINK!
T- is it tue?
H- is it helpful?
I- is it inspiring?
N-is it necessary?
K- is it kind?

We ended our lesson with a 10 minute clip from Muppet Classic Theatre where they reenact the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. (we just love the Muppets around here!) I highly recommend watching it- it not only discussed the issue of honesty and the consequences of lying, but in this version Gonzo, who is the boy who cried wolf, also demonstrates what it means to overreact to every little thing.We had a nice little discussion about overreacting too.