Friday, December 19, 2014

Penguin Holiday Party

We planned a PENGUIN PARTY for my son's 4th grade holiday party. 
We started off with some penguin themed games. One of the other moms made these cute little stuffed fish. We told all the kids that they were penguins hoping to catch their fish for dinner. Then we stood in a circle around the room and then passed the fish to the right while music played. When the music stopped whoever
was holding a fish "caught" their dinner and could go back to their seat. We played until all the "penguins" were "fed".
We then played a game where they were all Mommy or Daddy penguins and they put a cup between their feet. The cup had a face drawn on it as if it were a baby penguin. Then they had a minute to drop as many "baby fish" (otherwise known as goldfish crackers) into their baby's mouth (the cup.) They were not allowed to bend over, so basically they held the fish at their waist and tried to aim them into the cup. 
The kids then returned to their seats where they had a penguin shaped maze and word-search to work on until it was their turn to get treats. They also had a penguin craft to assemble.

We had a hot chocolate bar and fruit and donut holes for treats.


  1. Just discovered your site and have been looking at all the back posts----how delightful!!! Such great ideas.

    1. Thank you for the compliment! I'm glad you enjoy it!


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