Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Harry Potter Quote Printables

When our oldest sons started reading Harry Potter I made them wait a little bit of time before reading the next book, to make sure they were ready for the intensity and maturity that builds as the series progresses. (And, if I'm being honest, because I've got really good readers and I wasn't sure my 2nd and 3rd grade kids could handle books 6 and 7 yet.)  We watched each movie together as they finished each book, so that gave us something to look forward to, also. It was a good system. However, when our only daughter started reading them last year, she quickly became the biggest fan in our house and, try as I might, there was no holding her back. She quickly devoured the series and has gone back many, many times to reread them again. She frequently quotes from the books and has almost worn out our copies to the point that I will need to replace them soon. (The boys complain that I spoil her, because I let her read them at a quicker pace...perhaps, but there's just no squashing her enthusiasm for the books!) It's almost Halloween, and of course she has her Hermione costume ready.  To make my not-so-little-girl happy, I made her some printables. (I'll share with you too!)
Harry Potter printables
Harry Potter I solemnly swear printable

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Albus Dumbledore printable quote

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"...pursue that flighty temptress, adventure." quote from Harry Potter

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Albus Dumbledore quote

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  1. i love reading this article so beautiful!!great job!

  2. Many thanks for these. Doing a lockdown Harry Potter birthday party 😁


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