Wednesday, September 28, 2016

30 Day Gratitude Journal for November

Several years ago, I was serving with the Young Women in our ward and we had a 30 day Gratitude Project. We made gratitude journals printed off on notecards and bound with an o-ring clasp. (see this post for the originals)
Every day for the month of November we would write one thing that we were grateful for. But then we would take it a step further. We would also choose one way to show our gratitude for that item. One of our girls chose to choose people instead of objects to be grateful for each month. For her this project became a month-long show of appreciation and service to those she cared about most. My family also participated in this project and it really made a difference as we were not only looking for things to be grateful for, but acting on that gratitude. We were a little bit kinder. Beloved toys were cared for a little more gently. Our home had a little bit more peace. 
I kept the journals from my family, and we love to look back and remember.
This year, I decided to update those little journals and do it again. 
If you would like to join my family in this Gratitude Project, feel free to follow the link and print off your own journals. They are formatted to be printed off on 4x6 unlined notecards. 

Here is a sample of the cover, instructions, and daily page:

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journal instructions
Gratitude journal page

To print, click HERE

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Spooky Spider Web Wreath (in 4 Easy Steps!)

spooky spider wreath

Spider wreath

For this project you will need: 
a grapevine wreath
wooden letters
acrylic craft paint in orange, green and purple
glittery spiders
yarn of choice 
(I chose the RED HEART Scrubby Sparkle in Grape color)


EEK spooky spider wreath

I chose to paint mine in orange, green and purple, but any Halloween-ish color combo would do. You could even paint them all the same color if you'd prefer.


web on spider wreath

Take your yarn and tie it around the wreath in a spoke like pattern. The yarn I used is purple and a little bit fuzzy and sparkly, but any yarn you want to use will be fine.  Also, don't worry too much about your web being perfectly symmetrical. It really doesn't matter. I promise. My 4 year old helped me with this one, and I think the irregular pattern kind of adds to it's charm.

(here's the yarn I used, in case you were wondering!)


EEK! Spooky Spider wreath

This is the fun part! Once your painted letters are dry you can play around with the placement of your letters and spiders. Once you have a pattern you like, take your trusty glue gun and glue everything in place.

Spooky Spider wreath

Monday, September 19, 2016

Fall Printables

I'm in the mood for Fall! It's mid September and the trees still haven't started changing color yet, so I'm hoping that if I start putting out all my Fall decor Mother Nature will take the hint and start cooperating! Here's a few printables I made today, just for the occasion. I love to share, just click on the links below to print!
Fall printables

Advice from a Pumpkin printable
Click HERE to Print 

Emily Bronte Fall quote

Click HERE to Print

Hello, Fall

Click HERE to Print

pumpkin to my pie printable

Click HERE to Print

Activity Mat Ideas

Here's a few ideas for the different squares on your activity mat:

This is simply a piece of ribbon with some iron-on animals, and velcro tabs.

ribbons and big buttons 

different textured ribbon tabs


curly hair ribbons, tacked down with ribbon


a finger puppet with pocket

soft bands tacked down with ribbon

 ribbons sewn into a seam