Friday, April 28, 2017

Favorite Child... a Mother's Day {Frame it! Friday}

Favorite Child... a Mother's Day free printable

"Am I your favorite, Mom?" 

As a mother to 6 kids I hear this A LOT.  I am also the 6th of 6 kids, and remember asking my mom this very question myself.  My siblings always claimed that I was the favorite because I was the baby and that I was spoiled. While I can assure you I was not spoiled (according to Mom I was just "well- loved" 😉 ) her response to who her favorite was hasn't changed. 

She always says, "Of course you're my favorite!" to each and every one of us.

I called her on that once, and she replied that whoever is with her in that moment is her favorite, so she wasn't lying. Who am I to argue with my Mom, especially so close to Mother's Day?
So to all the Mother's out there with all their favorite children, Happy Mother's Day! 

As always, {Frame it! Friday} printables are free! Simply print, frame and enjoy!

Favorite Child... a Mother's Day free printable

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  1. Fun printables! Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle. Pinning to my Mother's Day Board.

    1. Popping back by to let you know this is our Snickerdoodle Special Mother's Day feature at tomorrow's party. Hope to see you there.

  2. Our youngest likes to say this to me all the time, he thinks he's the funniest thing ever! Thanks for sharing at #HandmadeMonday

  3. lol, with 14 brother and sisters, this has been a constant argument in our family :) Great printable! Pinned.

  4. hysterical! I wish my mom was still alive to give this too! Thanks for sharing with us at #CCBG

  5. This is so cute for Mother's Day! Thank you for sharing at Ravenwould.

  6. So cute for Mother's day :)


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