Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Personal Progress... Virtue Project

Personal Progress VIRTUE

The Young Women (ages 12-18) in our church are encouraged to participate in the Personal Progress program. They work on various goals and projects throughout each year, each one bringing them closer to an understanding of who they are as a child of God, and what their relationship is to the Lord. One of their ongoing projects is to read their scriptures every day, and to read the entire Book of Mormon, cover to cover.

I made this (free!) printable Book of Mormon Reading Chart to help track their progress. 
Simply "X" out each chapter as you complete it. Good luck reading!

Personal Progress

To print, click HERE

TIP: You can print these off at home, but I recommend sending them to Walmart or Walgreens Photo or similar. They are 4x6 in size. The gold lettering will show up so much better than they would being printed on your home printer. Then use a pen appropriate for photo paper (like a fine-tip sharpie) to "X" off your progress. 

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