Monday, March 12, 2012

YW Value Flowers

For New Beginnings we had the older girls make a basket of Value flowers for all the new incoming Beehives. They did a great job!
For our week night activity the girls made all the flowers. The gold flowers are missing from this picture, but they did make it in to the final product. (I later attached all the stems for them, since that part took the longest and was a little more precise work.)
To make the flower start with a 2 1/2 inch strip of felt. Fringe the strip. Place a fuzzy (otherwise known as a pompom) on one end and roll the fringed strip around the fuzzy, gluing as you go. When you are done glue a thin strip of green felt around the base. It will look like this:

To attach the stems follow these steps:
 Cut out a green circle of felt the size of the base of your flower. Take a piece of floral wire, bend it on the end and thread it through the circle.
 Add a dab of glue to adhere the wire to the felt.
Then glue the base onto the bottom of the flower and trim it close if it slightly overlaps. Fluff the petals.

Then arrange the flowers however you choose. We chose to put them in a little basket.

I think our new girls really liked them and they were extra special since they were made with love from the older girls.

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