Friday, October 31, 2014

Room Parent for Halloween! EEEK!

At the beginning of every year all the teacher's ask if anyone wants to be the "Room Parent" and plan all the parties. There are always parents willing to donate and help out, just not many who want to coordinate the whole thing. That is why after the 3rd email shout-out for help in my son's class, I volunteered. I'm a bit nervous- but here's what I came up with.
In lieu of 200 cupcakes (I've seen it and it isn't pretty...) we opted to do a Fall Snack Mix. (Cheerios, Pretzel Sticks, Candy Corn, M&M's, Chex, etc.)
I had parents volunteer to bring in different ingredients for the mix and we are going to dump it all together to make a trail-mix like snack. 

We are also going to make sticker bingo cards and use the snack mix components as game pieces too.
Here's hoping it all goes as planned...

 Here's the prizes for the Bingo game...
 Here's the Bingo Game Card
 Every student got a set of stickers and then I made a master set on notecards for the "caller" to use.
Party... these are the two huge buckets we are going to use to mix the snack in.

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