Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sunflower Summer RS Activity

Our July Relief Society activity was intended to be a lovely backyard potluck. We had a devotional based off of Elder Quentin L Cook's last Conference talk entitled The Lord is My Light . (read it, it's awesome!) We even gathered old mason jars and decorated them with sunflowers and tealights to send away with those who attended.

One of my amazing committee members even hand painted her idea of what she envisioned the evening to look like. We then turned this painting into our invites and posters. Looks lovely, right?

What actually happened was that it rained on the night of our activity so we couldn't meet outside at all. Enter Plan B, where we scrambled to put together a quick "outdoorsy" feel for our activity, which had now been relocated to the church.

Another committee member even found some out of doors sounds to play on the sound system, so while we dined we had crickets chirping, a babbling brook and birds singing in the background. (Seriously brilliant improvisation there!)

We also strung a few Christmas lights, turned the lights down and called it good. The activity turned out fine, even if it wasn't exactly how we had pictured it!

Here's the theme of the night, in quote form:

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