Friday, March 4, 2016

Painting the World With Sunshine... (since 1842)

We've moved and I have a new calling! I am no longer in charge of the RS Activities Committee, but I was called as the 2nd Counselor in the RS, so I still get to be involved and help out with all the activities. We have a great committee and we put together this activity...
It has been 174 years since the Relief Society was organized.
Like wards all around the world, we celebrated!
We started by having a brief lesson on the history of Relief Society and then we shared some of the thoughts from President Uchtdorf's talk Happiness Your Heritage from 2008.
Here are some of the messages from that talk that we highlighted:

There are so many ways to create happiness in the world around us; through works of art, through righteous example, through genuine care and concern for others. We are fortunate enough to have an artist in our ward, and so she instructed us and helped us create a work of art!

Here we are:

And of course, we had food and cupcakes... it is a birthday celebration, after all!

Here's me and my finished painting:

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