Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Graham Cracker Houses and Trees

When our oldest kids were little we started making graham cracker houses for Christmas. It was always so much fun. But as our family expanded from 1 to 6 little kids, the logistics of helping everybody assemble them became a challenge. I only have so many hands! We modified our tradition a bit over the years out of necessity. The kids really don't seem to mind, either. They are happy as long as there's frosting and candy around. 

Graham Cracker Christmas house.

(This is a picture of my daughter with one of our houses when she was about 4.)

From graham cracker houses, we progressed to Christmas trees! No more trying to get the walls of a graham cracker house to stay up x6! These trees are made from upside down ice cream cones- no constructing required! You simply apply frosting to the outside of the cone and add candies. Quick and easy!

Christmas tree treats

Decorated Christmas tree treats

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