Friday, December 9, 2016

Stars Were Gleaming... {Frame it! Friday}

There is a Christmas song entitled Stars Were Gleaming that our little children sing at church. It is about the night of our Savior's birth and is one on my favorites. This week's {Frame it! Friday} is in honor of that sweet song. (If you'd like to hear the song for yourself click here!)

Stars were gleaming printable

Stars Were Gleaming printable

To print, click HERE

Here are the lyrics to the song Stars Were Gleaming 
music can be found here

Stars were gleaming, shepherds dreaming;
And the night was dark and chill.
Angels story rang with glory;
Shepherds heard it on the hill.
Ah, that singing! Hear it ringing,
Earthward winging, Christmas bringing!
Hearken! We can hear it still!

See the clearness and the nearness
Of the blessed Christmas star,
Leading, guiding; wise men riding
Through the desert dark and far,
Lovely showing, shining, growing,
Onward going, gleaming glowing,
Leading still, our Christmas star!

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