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Gold Covered Scriptures for Personal Progress Virtue Project

Covered Scriptures

The Young Women (ages 12-18) in our church are encouraged to participate in the Personal Progress program. There are 8 Young Women's Values, symbolized with 8 different colors. Every girl works on various goals and projects throughout the year, under the 8 different themes. Each goal brings them closer to an understanding of who they are as a child of God, and what their relationship is to the Lord. One of their ongoing projects is to read their scriptures every day, and to read the entire Book of Mormon, cover to cover. This is part of the Virtue Project, which is symbolized with the color gold.

A sweet friend of mine is currently a leader in the Young Women's organization in her area and asked me if I could help her. This summer, as a class, they are working towards their goal of reading the entire Book of Mormon. She asked if I could figure out a way to cover a Book of Mormon for each girl in gold. (Because the reading the Book of Mormon is a project under the Virtue theme, which is gold.)  I gladly accepted her challenge!

I also designed a Book of Mormon reading chart to pair with the books, too, so each girl can track her progress as she reads. (Follow the link at the end of this post to print your own!)
reading chart

Here's how you can make your own gold covered scriptures:


I started with some basic supplies. I was able to buy the inexpensive paperback copies of the Book of Mormon. I also found some gold foil patterned scrapbook paper and some gold trimmed ribbon. I also used some heavy spray adhesive, which is not pictured here.

covered scriptures


Carefully measure your books and then cut your paper to fit.

covered Book of Mormon

Also, cut the ribbon to an appropriate length. 
TIP: I used a lighter to slightly burn and seal the edge, so the ribbon wouldn't fray.


First, I recommend gluing your ribbon to the back flap of the book before you adhere the cover. If your ribbon is thinner, you can also glue it to the spine, but wider ribbon will lay flatter if it is adhered to the back.  
It will be sandwiched as followed: 
RIBBON, then

covered scriptures

I don't have pictures of the actual gluing process because it's too hard to hold a camera and also glue two things together, but I do recommend a few things:

A. Very carefully line up your book and your cover. Spray one side of the book and paper, join together and smooth out. 
B. Flip book over and repeat the process.
C. Make sure to get glue all the way to the edges, to avoid peeling.
D. Cover your work surface with paper to protect surface from overspray from the adhesive. Overspray will be tacky, so if you are doing multiple books change your papers periodically so your new books don't stick to it and ruin the paper, 
E. Dry thoroughly before use.

Here they are, finished!
covered sciptures

covered scriptures

covered scriptures

Don't forget to print off your reading chart! 

scriptures and reading chart


  1. Very nice! My youngest is a Laurel and this is a great idea, Julie.

  2. Way too going to try it tonight.

  3. And 1 thing, what glue did you use to stick it together?

  4. I used a craft spray adhesive, I think it was Elmers craftbond. One word about spray adhesives, make sure it's well ventilated, and work quickly. Because I made several books at once, my fingers got really tacky, and started sticking to the paper, which is not helpful.To prevent this, I pulled out some disposable rubber gloves and changed them out every couple of books, when I'd notice they were starting to stick. Truthfully, you could probably use other types of glue, too. I prefer the spray kind because it has good coverage, and doesn't leave clumps. Good luck!


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