Monday, November 7, 2011

2011 FHE Theme

This year for FHE we decided to pick a theme that we will talk about all year long. We chose something that is adaptable to a lot of lessons, so that we don't run out of ideas. My sister in law put together this frame with our 2011 theme and it hangs prominently in our kitchen, where it is easy to refer to. It has been wonderful to be able to point to the frame and remind them to work on whatever behavior needs to be modified at any given moment. So far we have had these lessons:

BE smart...
*We have discussed trying hard and working hard at school. (this was a great back to school lesson)
BE grateful...
*Started the month long Gratitude Project (see previous post)
*lesson on table manners and being grateful for food
BE positive...
*listed all things were grateful for and talked about looking for happy (or positive) moments inour day instead of sad (negative ones)
BE involved...
*talked about being part of a group or team and being part of a family. Because we are part of a family, we ALL need to be involved in taking care of each other and the house. Ended by cleaning the house together.
BE still...
*lesson on prayer and listening for the Holy Ghost. (Sometimes you have to be still to hear the Holy Ghost)
*how to sit in church and school (no wiggles!)
BE prayerful...
*who, what when, where, why and how's of prayer
BE humble...
*coincided nicely with the prayerful lesson
*being good sports
BE true...
*importance of honesty- Boy Who Cried Wolf story
BE clean...
*lesson on keeping our bodies clean (ended with bubble baths)
*lesson on our bodies being temples

(I will be adding more lesson ideas as we come up with them...)

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