Thursday, November 3, 2011

Music Game

If you love the game Cranium then you might like this spin off. Think Cranium and Name that Tune combined and you'll have a pretty good idea what this game is like. Every song in this game comes from either the Hymn Book or the Children's songbook. (It is a church activity after all.) 
We divided the YM and YW into 2 teams. (This would be a fun FHE activity too!)They took turns drawing cards. The cards had different questions on them. Some cards are for your team alone, others are group cards, where you try to beat the other team to the answer, winner taking the points for their team. The cards listed the song when necessary and how many points each question was worth, with  harder questions being worth more points. I put together a list of songs and a CD to play for the appropriate cards, although you could just as easily have someone sitting at the piano ready to play.

The Categories are as follows:
CHARADES (they have to act out the song title)
LEARN TO LISTEN (they have to listen to the instrumental and name the title)
SING IT OUT (they listen to a song and when the music stops they have to keep singing and finish the line)
CHORUS LINE (the whole team has to correctly sing the CHORUS of the song)
NOT A CHORUS LINE (the whole team has to correctly sing the 1ST VERSE)
HUM (one person from your team hums the song while the others have to guess the title)

Music Activity Document
CD Playlist


  1. Do you have the questions you used on a PDF or word file that I could use?

    1. The files are attached at the end of the post, entitled "Music Activity Document" and CD Playlist...

  2. Thank you so much for doing this! It's totally amazing! I found this via pinterest :D


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