Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gratitude Project

For the month of November  we are going to be doing "The Gratitude Project". Basically it goes like this:

STEP 1: Every day write one thing that you are grateful for.

As you start to write, you could ask yourself, “How did God bless me today?” If you do that long enough and with faith, you will find yourself remembering blessings. And sometimes, you will have gifts brought to your mind which you failed to notice during the day, but which you will then know were a touch of God’s hand in your life.”

President Eyring Ensign, 1989

STEP 2: Think about how you will act upon this gratitude. Write it down and do it. express gratitude is gracious and honorable, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch heaven.”

President Monson, Oct. 2010 Conference

STEP 3: Bring your booklet to all meetings this month to receive a special treat each time.

Each girl and leader is receiving a small booklet to write in. I made the booklets out of unlined index cards, one for each day they are writing. I also made a set for my family so they can do it too. I ran them through my printer. Each day looks something like this:

I saw the hand of the Lord in my life today. It made me realize that I am grateful for:

Because I am grateful for this I will...

November 1

Hopefully this will be a good experience and we will all learn to "live with gratitude in our hearts." 
*Along with this activity we are decorating our own cards and stationary with stamps, then we will be writing letters to people we are thankful for. 

You can view the document on the following link:
Gratitude Booklet

**This booklet has recently been updated!** To print the newer version, follow this link: Gratitude Journal

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